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This Used to Be Us - SUMMER 2024'

From the USA Today bestselling author of Before We Were Strangers and Wish You Were Here comes This Used to Be Us - a marriage novel for the modern book club that follows dual perspectives of a man and woman from their early love-filled years through their divorce after twenty-two years together to ask "How can you grow to hate the person you love most?"

Official Cover and Pre-Order Coming Soon!

“Hilarious, unnervingly relatable, romantic, and heartbreaking in the best way, I devoured this book.  Renée Carlino has that rare ability to utterly transport you, and to create deeply human characters you won’t soon forget.”

Julia Stiles

Actress, Producer, Director 

More Praise for This Used to Be Us

"Renée Carlino takes us through the anatomy of a failing marriage in This Used To Be Us, a heartfelt novel that hits all the right notes. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll fall in love with Dani and Alex as they fall in and out of love with each other. You won't want this book to end!

- Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, authors of Forever Hold Your Peace

"If Amy Sherman Palladino doesn't turn this book into the next MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL, it would be a crime. THIS USED TO BE US is a sharply penned, wincingly funny, jabbingly poignant examination of a marriage in shambles: Alex and Danielle snipe and snarl their way through a divorce, aware that they have become the worst possible versions of themselves, wondering where exactly they went wrong. The answers are complicated and painful, as they navigate co-parenting, new romance, and old wounds around the memories of what they used to have.  Renée Carlino's knack for answering the hard questions of the human heart is masterful."

- Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author.

"This Used to Be Us is a real and heartfelt portrayal of the rollercoaster ride that is our time on this planet. It made me laugh, it made me weep, and it made me so grateful for each small moment of beauty in my life. This book will stay with me for a long time to come." 

 -Jill Santopolo, New York Times bestselling author of The Light We Lost. 

"Another home run for Renée  Carlino's THIS USED TO BE US. This story feels very realistic and relatable, and clearly provides a big emotional twist.  I couldn't put it down and had an extremely cathartic cry. THIS USED TO BE US is perfect for an adaption and I hope to be in the  Renée Carlino business for a long time.”

- Molly Conners, Film and TV Producer

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